Employ Training & Deploy Solution

Training and development of human resources has evoked a great deal of interest in recent years. Human resource management has two basic approaches- a reactive, or problem-solving approach; and a proactive, or forward-looking approach. Training is used in both. Training is a systematic process of changing the behavior, knowledge, and attitudes of present employees to improve the match between employee characteristics and employment requirements.

At the time of hiring, no one is perfect and some training and education becomes a must. No organization has a choice of whether to develop employees or not; the only choice is that of method. If there is no organized programme, then development will be mostly self-development while learning on the job.

Employee training attempts to improve skills, or add to the existing level of knowledge so that the employee is better equipped to do his present job, or to prepare him for a higher position with increased responsibilities. Continuous growth and development of employees makes an organization viable and it adapts itself to changing environment.


Features of Employee Training and Development

Increases knowledge and skills for doing a particular job
Focuses attention on the current job
Concentrates on individual employees
Narrow focus
Relatively permanent change in employee behavior